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Boombasics - tribal house / 再生 -

Fusion bellydance is a website for your convenience. Anyone who is fusion dancer can send her (his?) information (bio, video, photo) to info[at]fusion-bellydance.com and will be added for free. A link would be appreciated but is no must. Alle the dancers listed here have contributed to the development of fusion belly dance in their own unique and originial style. This said, there are many others who might as well have made artistic contributions in this field of expertise, and if you know people as such, please do not hesitate to suggest them. Fusion bellydance is exiting, and continues to develop in open minded dancers. In fact it is something which is not really new as some of the stories here will point out. And wasn't Ruth St. Dennis not a fusion dancer?

What will you find on www.fusion-bellydance.com? Information on bellydance fusion dancers of all styles, background information on different styles of belly dance fusion. The latest addition is an article on "Zambra Mora" or "danza mora", based on historical research.

Tribal Fusion started as an underground phenomenon. The main difference between fusion and tribal bellydance is that fusion tends to be more of a solo dance act where tribal bellydance is most of the time done by tribal troupes. Of course exceptions are "The Uzumé" of Holland with Tjarda, Maya Acid and Minka, duo Indumati, Ishani, "Yella Yella Belly Bitches" and "The Fusion Bellydancers" of Belgium, "Gypsy Fusion", "Women's Tribal Fusion troupe" and many others in the U.S.A.

On the other hand the expression "Tribal Fusion Bellydance" is also widely used and known. Many innovative dancers like Ava Fleming, Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara, Samantha Hasthorpe, Mardi Love, Zoe Jakes, Maya, Tjarda, Moria Chappell, Aveyanda Skye, Urban Tribal, Kami Liddle, Arya and others expand their artistry and expressions with other danceforms but not even limited to dance (using hoola-hoops and other props).

Ava Fleming can be tagged as tribaret dancer, tribaret or Cabaret with a Tribal feel, is a fusion between cabaret and tribal style. Mardi Love and Moria Chappell are two Bellydance Superstars and Tribal fusion dancers. Hands of Kali from Seattle with Maureen, Kendra and Magi do fusion between gothic and tribal experiments.

Abdel Hazim: Dancing in the oasis

The music

Fusion bellydance music is "produced" where Tribal can be simply ethnic or folkloric dance music. Famous fusion producers are Pentaphobe, Abdel Hazim, Bill Laswell, DJ Mosavo and Öcal Burhan. Although some of them like Abdel Hazim does merely tribal and "new oriental" style and Öcal Burhan does more gypsy style.

There is no limit to the influences that can be brought into fusion. Some video's feature hoola-hoop dances, african style percussion, metal and so on. Any fusion between Middle Eastern, American Tribal Style, Flamenco, Burlesque and Gothic Belly Dance to Industrial, bellynesian (fusion between bellydance and Polynesian dances), belly-salsa (crossfusion bellydance and salsa), bellywood (a fusion between bellydance and bollywood), Bollywood, Tahitian/Polynesian Belly Dance Fusion, Brazilian Belly Dance Samba, Urban Tribal, Polynesian and live percussion and live bands will do.


For those who are interested on original tribal "bellydance" cultures or more historic stuff, here are two interesting sites on the subject: tribal bellydance and Bellydance museum.

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